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After months of work we are delighted to announce that Jet Pathway has launched today as a new and unique airline pilot and industry recruitment provider. Finding that perfect aviation role as a commercial pilot, or indeed elsewhere in the industry, can be a bewildering task and our aim is really simple: to provide a personal touch and effective guidance to get you that role. By drawing on the experience of our team of current airline pilots who specialise in recruitment and flying training, alongside that of broader recruitment specialists, you will be in very safe hands. We understand the commercial pilot selection process and everything it takes to succeed in it, but we also understand the issues you face, because we come from exactly the same place, and we can help you with the many challenges we know you’re confronted with. Jet Pathway has great access to the best commercial pilot and broader aviation roles out there and we know how to get you to where you want to be.

I started today with a double engine failure, a wheel well fire, and a return to an airfield with just 75 meters visibility, luckily all of that was in the B747-800 simulator, but it goes to show just how awesome this job is. It has brilliant challenges and opportunities to develop that just aren’t found elsewhere. With that in mind, it’s so important to choose a recruitment team who really understand commercial aviation, training, and how to get you over the line and into the role you want.

My own flying background started when I was 16, getting an RAF flying scholarship and making my way towards getting my PPL just before getting my driving licence. I spent 17 years as a fighter pilot in the RAF and was heavily involved in training on the Hawk and Eurofighter Typhoon. I love training and getting the best out of people and so when I moved into the airline world I naturally got straight into recruitment and preparing pilots to succeed in all aspects of their recruitment journey. I’m also currently involved in airline selection, running the days that you’ll be expected to excel at to get the job you really want. My training, recruitment and airline selection background has really highlighted to me the need for a much more hands on, caring and effective recruitment agency in the airline industry right now and the launch of Jet Pathway today offers you the chance to benefit from the services of just that kind of unique recruitment vehicle.

We will take you from simulator assessment preparation, if you need it, in the A320 or 737-800, we’ll talk together about exactly what kind of flying role you are after. We’ll then take you through to a competency based telephone interview that will determine your suitability for the role that you’re applying for and exactly where you are in terms of your preparation. At that point we will hopefully put you through with a strong recommendation giving you the best chance of success (and a little practice before hand!). Honesty and integrity is everything here though, and if we don’t think you’ve got a genuine chance of getting the role, we won’t put you forward. However, that is where our caring element comes in: we will offer you coaching and ways in which we can tweak your CV for the specific job you’re after which will bring you up to the standard where you have the best possible chance of success, or we will suggest other roles that are available across the market right now for which your skillset is already perfect. Either way, we will be with you every step of the way, able to explain the process, and most importantly, guide you to a flight deck role that is perfect for you. Apply today for any of the roles, register your profile for future opportunities or book a consultation with us. Let’s get moving together today so you can get into the that perfect flight deck role for you.