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Here at Jet Pathway we have more than 30 years of combined experience in recruitment, we have also had first hand experience of multiple job changes ourselves – with one of us having made the jump from military to civilian and the other having moved across different corporate organisations, so we have an in-depth and realistic understanding of the challenges of a job search from an applicant’s perspective and we will ensure your transition is as worry free, seamless and streamlined as possible.

Setting us apart from our competitors is that we are wholly family owned and run; we are therefore able to combine significant industry expertise with a caring, small company individualised approach. In short, you are not just a number and we really do want to help you!

Use Your CV To Build Your Personal Brand And Sell Yourself Effectively

The best jobs out there require the successful candidate to not only have strong technical experience and qualifications, but to also appeal to the organisation on a human and interpersonal level. It is a sad reality that most advertised jobs in job areas where candidates with the right skill set are plentiful, will receive hundreds of applications. Your CV is not only your one shot at making a good first impression, it is also the first representation of you as an individual marketable entity and it should highlight, emphasise and sell your experience as much as possible.

Internal recruiters will often review hundreds of CVs a day, taking on average 4 seconds to scan each document before deciding whether or not it is relevant. Therefore your CV needs to be concise, well ordered, contain no typos and be well written. Imagine you were a recruiter at the airline you dream of working for, viewed dispassionately, what would your initial reaction (in just 3 seconds) be to your own CV? If the answer is not ‘this CV is clear and the experience highlighted matches the role applied for’ then you need to do some more work on your CV.

The good news is we have lots of practice in ensuring that the content and format of your CV is clear and appealing, as well as making sure all of your skills are presented in the best way they possibly can be. This means the airlines we work with can focus solely on assessing your key skills and strengths to decide whether you are the right candidate for their job.

What Kind Of Role Do You Really Want?

A real bugbear for hiring organisations is when candidates fire off many applications to multiple roles without first really considering whether they are a realistic match for the role they are applying for. Looking at this objectively – if you are a mechanical engineer with no HR experience, yet you are firing an application off to become a CIPD qualified HR Manager, or a pilot without the requisite hours for the role, this is not an effective use of your time nor that of the reviewing recruiter/hiring manager.

Instead of employing a scattergun approach and trying to play a numbers game, it is vitally important to weigh up each application/role carefully. Hirers want to meet candidates who can illustrate they are willing to commit to the role for a reasonable length of time, providing the airline with a good return on the financial investment in their training, so even at application stage/when speaking to your recruiter it needs to be evident that you are seeing the role as a somewhere you would be happy for the medium to long term.  A good litmus test for this may be to actively envisage yourself in the role, is it something you would actually enjoy, is it adequately challenging for you, does it leave scope for development in the direction in which you would like your career to go? Recruitment is a two way process, you have to like the company and they have to like you, ask questions of your agent throughout the process, be curious and be thorough, gather as  information as you can, weigh up whether you like the sound of the culture and ethos. These are all considerations we will discuss together when we speak to you for your initial consultation with Jet Pathway.

Making The Strongest Application Possible To Give You The Best Chance Of Success

We will bring together all critical elements of applying for the role you really want to ensure the application we make to the airline on your behalf  is the best it possibly can be.

We will then continue to guide you so that you can go with full confidence through the recruitment process and any potential offer negotiations into the role you really want.

Coming soon – Interview Preparation